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About Us

ATEES is the web design & development company for digitizing your business through, web designing, App development and Digital marketing. We are in a digital industry where every day some new concepts are popping up and new trends & strategies born. However, our goal is simple and straight:- Stay one step ahead of this drifting web world in order to provide maximum value-added services to our loyal clients.

Our Approach

We believe that customer is the King in any business and our approach is to build user-friendly responsive websites. Our aim is to provide premier website designs to client keeping their vision in mind. A effective and impactful web design is a result of a healthy discussion between the client and Web design company.

Discussion with client help to find the best and engaging web designs that fulfill the client vision and appealing to the target audience.

Our Services

Ecommerce website
Web Designing

Web Designing is an integral part of digitizing your brand. We offer a variety of innovative web designs to improve your website response & provide value addition to your Web Development.

Responsive web design
Web Development

We define web development as a technical art that blend the creativity of content & web designing to form the most stunning websites to grab the attention & impact the business leads.

web development company
Graphic Designing

Graphic design is interesting part of online marketing strategy. Our experienced graphic designers enhance the web experience by projecting their creative & innovative ideas through their work.

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Web Design Process

1. Know Your Vision

You have a website that needs an enhancement. This process will be a complete understanding of getting to know your brand, identity, & reason behind the enhancement of web design.

2. Planning stage

After our initial meeting, we’ll construct an outline of your website development project. Including what we need from you, project milestones & deadlines.

3. Website Blueprint

After the planning stage, our web designers will build a draft version of the planned website to let you visualize that how your dream website looks. The design will let you know how effectively your ideas are adopted in our web designing plan.

4. Web Development

After the approval of the website blueprint from you, our web designers will begin with coding the website.

5. Quality Assurance

Before we publish the final draft, you will be intimidated to verify the content. Verification will include all the website & its web contents in order to approve the final draft so that our website can publish live.

6. Website Launch

After your final approval, our web designing team publish our new website for the digital world.

Questions & Answers

Of course, we have a nice explanation of web designing process in this web page itself. Please refer the web design process section above.

The cost can be vary depending on various factors. Though we have a standard price for basic business, price range can differ based on the requirement.

We do work with a wide range of company types. Over the years, we have gained experience in helping business to improve their customer service, marketing the products & attract the customer.

A standard version of the website can take up to 90 days to create & E-commerce websites can take up to 160 days to create. However, the execution time can vary as per requirement.

Why Choose Us

web design Singapore
Dedicated Team

We have dedicated Web designing team for offering the professional services that meet the client vision & innovative web designs.

website development
The Client Is Our Priority

The customer is the King & our priority is to provide them the best website that fulfills their vision & satisfy their business needs.

Ecommerce website

Our motto is to satisfy our customer by fulfilling their vision as well as providing them an innovative web design work.

Responsive web design
Experienced Professionals

Our experienced professionals who are determined to invest more than 100% effort to meet your expectations & a creative touch in designs.

web development company
End To End Service

We believe in end to end service completion to provide the complete solution & offer future expected actions to the client.

Ecommerce website Singapore
Quality Of Work

We believe the quality of our work become the face of the organization. Our experienced team gives more importance to the quality the work.


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