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Digital marketing is the most used new age marketing techniques that use various digital media's to reach out the potential customers to boost the lead generation. Digital marketing uses the digital platforms such as social media marketing, online marketing, internet marketing, email marketing, etc to explore the new customers, create leads and retain the customers with the power of digital marketing.

ATEES being the experienced business marketing agency for all digital marketing tools, we are the one stop for all your digital marketing services.

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SEO is abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization is an essential part of digital marketing. SEO techniques helps to reach the promotion content through online marketing medias. SEO techniques optimize the search engine results in order to place you contents in the top most search results.

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PPC is abbreviation of Pay per click marketing strategy which is a part of marketing techniques. Our strategy is to subscribe the search engine plans for spreading our ad in particular keyword related sites. This marketing strategy will reach more potential customers through paid ads.

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SMM is an abbreviation of Social Media marketing which is part of Internet Marketing. Social media marketing also considered to be the most effective tool to grow your reach. Reason for Social media marketing success is that most of the online users are spending their time on social media.

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This is how we are attracting people

Attraction Phase is initial phase of digital marketing where promotional contents are spread out to different social media platforms. SEO strategies are used to reach out maximum audience for increasing the possibilities of business leads.

We create different creative and innovative contents that are attractive and catchy for grabbing the attention of online users. Content will be promoted through various digital marketing tools such as SEO Marketing strategy, Digital Content Marketing, social media marketing, etc. where we can reach the potential customers to maximize the business leads.

ATEES uses a variety of digital marketing techniques to reach the maximum online internet users for the best possibility of increasing the business leads.

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Lead Generation Phase

Lead generation simply means the interest or enquiry that customer showing for our product. All the actions we took in digital marketing attraction phase are resulting in leads that can be converted into sales. Leads are the pulse of digital marketing and a digital marketing measurement for successful SEO and content campaign.

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Conversion Phase

Just like how important it is to reach customers, it is equally or more important to convert those leads to sales. In Digital marketing, we call this phase as Conversion Phase.

Here, we retarget the audience who left our site without a purchase. We use various ad networks such as Google Adwords for retargeting the audience. These ad networks keep on updating those users about our product in various sites to keep them close to our product. Hence this marketing strategy is much effective since most of the converted sales are the result of this retargeting.

Apart from that, we use different combinations of tools to find the obstacle that user facing or restricting them from purchasing the product. These informations are vital for increasing the sales and these inputs can be referred to plan the course of action for increasing the chances of sales.

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Delight Phase

Delight phase is the major phase in digital marketing where we maintain the existing customer by regular interaction and content marketing. Our major digital marketing techniques for delight phase is Social media marketing and email marketing.

Social media marketing is the best marketing strategy of digital marketing for having a frequent interaction with the existing customers. Since most of the users are spending time on social media, maximum attention to our contents are expected from social media itself.

Email marketing is another form of digital marketing to retain the existing customer and keep their interest in our product. Since we are already storing customer’s email id at the time of registration, those email ids are used for email marketing with catchy promotional catchy contents to grab their attention.

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SEO & Social Media Marketing
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Web Designing

Web designing is an integral part of digitizing your brand. We offer a variety of innovative web designs to improve your website response and makes value addition to your website. The creative web designs and catchy contents engage more promising customers that help in lead generation.

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ERP is an essential part of a business despite the size of the company. ATEES offers ERP support for the demanding application in town ‘Odoo’. Unlike other ERP application, Odoo is economic in nature with simple, effective & user friendly interfaces can enhance the business planning.

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Mobile APP

In this world of digitalization, almost all digital services are integrated into mobile application for comfortable & easy use. The Demand for application development is ever increasing, we offer you an affordable app development plans for bringing your customer little closer to your products.

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