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2018, year of the dog(according to the Chinese calendar) with fortune and prosperity is about to end. It is imperative to analyse the most challenging and interesting web designing trends in 2018, before updating the coming year.

Do you have an effective strategy that can be wielded to produce a surpassing deed?

A number of conventions have made a significance in moving web design forward. The very basic question while designing a website is whether to be creative by their own or use pre-built website.

Let us analyse the statistics of user interactions with a website and draw the basic facts in web designing.

*Opinion about a website is formed by about 50 milliseconds
*94% of negative feedbacks are due to website designs
*85% of viewers opt mobile devices
*38% of people cease to engage due to unattractive content
*88% of viewers are less likely to return
*39% of customer friction is due to poor loading of images
*More than half of viewers expects an average loading time of 2 seconds

To recapitulate we have to be very keen in deciding the possible practices for reducing customer friction and enhancing viewer engagements.

Assemble or pre-build? Go along the powerful web designing strategies

There has been chaos going on for the past few years regarding whether to do the web designing by employing a pre-built design or should assemble the same. Using templates is not a professional way of web designing. We are supposed to create something catchy. It should be organised in a way which put its genuinity, creativity and professionalism in the interface before the audience. Even then, prebuilt designs have an advantage of making our web designing task more easier.

Likewise, neither side is utterly right or wrong. So the answer lies somewhere in between the alternatives.

Web designing from scrap

The idea for conceiving will gives you more space for a better trade. And they are prone to mistakes too. So you should be very careful in channelising the best towards your project. Essentially you should build up a foundation and from there you should be able to draw innovations. Then you can get your robust project off the ground.

Web designing from a theme

A plethora of providers is there on the market furnishing the largest pool of libraries. It is a better idea to choose pre-built theme if you are not aware of web designing. And due care should be given in aligning your creativity in web designing with the industry standards.

Here are some current trends in web designing

1. Minimalism trend – Focused bold content on the screen will make visitors get noticed about your message. As we all know, the first impression always lasts longer, multipurpose versatile web designing should be maintained. Visuals can always add attractiveness, but our audience will forget to focus on our content. The empty space around the content, sometimes known as negative space is an example for the minimal trend.

2. Impressive illustrations – An image can convey a message in a most precise way than a thousand words. It is a fact that human beings process visuals faster than text. This is an exact opposing character to minimal trend. Apart from the focus characters we should also include some impressive infographics to make our design appealing.

Think what can make us to view a particular article and add those things while making strategies for the web designing.

3.Micro interactions – Product moments with single use that revolve around the main task is known as micro interactions. It makes the user free from scrolling through pages. Animation is a fine exemplar for micro interactions. It helps the viewers to see their actions and make a positive feedback. It can keep the viewer notified about the present status of their actions on the site or application they are using.

4. Narrate a story – Content which is furnished as a story can be much more memorable than a mere text. Many big brands have been making use for this logical tactics. It is said that mere facts cannot make any sense all the time since viewers may get bored with the same pattern of the content.

5. Particle backgrounds – Particle based backgrounds are used in web designing which is appealing as well as loads the page faster than other content with less distractions. They are moving particles that makes a webpage eye catching and more engaging. Particle animation varies from chaotically scattered simple dots that move throughout the screen to complex images and geometric shapes.

6. Split page design – This is an evergreen trend in web designing to divide a page into two different sections. This will helps in grouping contents into semantic areas. Separating images from texts is an example for the split page design. This have an active role in showing more content in the page without disturbing the rest of the page.

These trends can be followed to make a web design more striking and reachable to our prospective audience. To recapitulate there is nothing wrong with a desire to have a creative and unique design, but it is preferably strategical if we could add some standards while designing a website. Analysing the previous trends in web designing will always helps in creating a new trend adopted from the former. Like every economical activity, web designing is also concerned about making profit out of the same. But the return is always based on the user experiences. Web is a global content and its all applications are universally applicable. There is no geographical discrimination, so care must be given while trying to satisfy every global users.

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