How to remove customer friction in social media marketing

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Social media has become a community of interactive digital platform that generates leads rather than merely facilitating the creation and sharing of information. Social selling is the brand new strategy occupied by every social media marketing personnel. Social selling is an arrangement of utilising social media to connect with your prospects through your communal content to make active interaction with them. The main aim of social selling strategy is to transfigure the prospects into customers. As we all know customers are a fickle bunch, we should ensure them an excellent experience with us. Just look at the way these rapidly changing media is doing by introducing new features all the time to keep users engaged and entertained. The fast-paced nature of these media is exciting and challenging. So staying relevant on social media should be the foremost focus. It is very critical to be tuned with the refinement as they happen.


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A misjudgment prevailing with some weak social media marketing strategists is they presume that they need to post their content in every nook and corner of the social media platforms for getting more engagements from a vast range of people. But this conspicuous attempt across the social network will not make any sense with lead generation since its impact is uncertain.

A content marketing strategy should be capable of clearly defining your social media marketing strategy. It is always beneficial to assess each social channel against your strategic goals and requirements of the audience before you dispense the content. And when you transform this evaluation into an actionable plan, everyone working on your content should be aware of everything regarding the channel preferred as well as what their endeavor is meant to achieve.

Undoubtedly, Facebook comes out well on the top, with the fast-growing pace of connecting people from various streams. Facebook constitutes a continually evolving marketing platform and communication channel.

Here are some statistics showing the frequent engagements on Facebook.
There are over 2.27 billion worldwide active users for facebook in a month and the number goes on beyond a predictable manner.

  1. 1.49 billion people on average daily logged onto Facebook, this shows the reach a social media have among the prospects.
  2. Age group from 25 to 34 which is the target group of almost every marketers is considered to be the most common age demographic, which is at 29.7% of users.
  3. On every second five new profiles were created. This increasing rate also leads to generating more audience.
  4. Highest traffic occurs during mid-week between 1 to 3 pm. This time duration will be functional hours for posting our proceedings.
  5. On average of 20 minutes is the time spent per Facebook visit. The most crucial decision should be made on how much should be our part in their internet usage period.
  6. Facebook is reported as critical or important by 42% to their business. This shows the priority of social media marketing.
  7. As of May 2013,16 Million local business pages have been created which is a 100 percent increase from 8 million in June 2012.


That is a key social media marketing statistics to keep in mind, It shows a drastic hike in social media audience every minute. The age bar mentioned in the same is the prime target demographic for many businesses. And the posting time can be scheduled with the given peak time of usage. The average spending time of the users should also be wisely used by us. Marketing has always been about connecting and retaining our customers in the proper place at the proper time. That means we need to connect with them where they are spending all their time; conveniently on Facebook.


Generating buyer persona in social media marketing

A company will have heterogeneous customers making the marketing strategies more complicated. Buyer segments always exhibits different nature towards the same service that we provide. These disparities may be due to the demography of the audience. Information on current social media audience can be collected from the platform itself. Facebook Insights will be a powerful tool for those ought to track user interaction on their Facebook Page. Facebook Insights can be seen by all the admins of the page and it can help the entire team to track the number of active users to better perceive the accomplishments of your page.


Come along the successful social media marketing strategies to reduce customer friction

Friction is anything that causes your customer to hesitate to leave your company because of inferior customer experiences. It frustrates the customer, annoys the business team, and ceases business growth. And if friction persists within the buyer’s exploration, it can stop future sales. With a persistently changing digital landscape and customers who are propelled by an “I want it now” attitude, businesses that used to be proficient on features like price or brand alone, are currently forced to incorporate speed and ease of experience in their business and marketing model.


Ways to reduce customer friction :


  1. Know customer predicament
  2. Identify the problems your customer’s experiences and empathize yourself to find the solution to remove this crisis. They may be bothering about the finding what they want, adding to cart, checking out and information regarding delivery etc..

  3. Devote your resources to good design
  4. Social media is the interface between you and your customer. It should be well maintained in a manner which helps customers in easy check-in and check-out option. All the functionalities starting from the selection of different alternatives to buying decision should be conveniently sustained.

  5. Infuse with superior content
  6. Use clear and persuasive content which is serviceable in terms of customer satisfaction.It should be productive and generate a lead.

  7. Team resources
  8. If you only have limited team members working for the marketing process,the potential for consistent distribution and conversation observing may be limited to a few outlets; however, if you have a full team of writers, editors, and other distribution partners at your side, the additional manpower affords increased flexibility and control to manage content across many more audiences.

  9. Responsive and engaging
  10. For establishing a better relationship with your customer all you need is to communicate properly. You should have amenities which accommodates every customer needs and should update details to the customers on their buying and delivery system. Chatbot can be very helpful and considerable for this.

  11. Loyal customers
  12. By providing the most satisfying facilities to our customers, they will be loyal to our company and they will refer our services to others and thereby results in fruitful promotion.

To recapitulate if we start going along with the ideal manner of creating and scheduling posts, we will begin to find new approaches. Incorporating creative techniques will make our social media marketing to the next level. Their efficient execution will depend on how much time and energy we are willing and able to invest. These approaches will helps in removing the issues which creates customer friction in social media marketing. We all are human beings with different desires of ease, trust, likeability, and convenience. This must therefore be the prime focus of the companies – finding innovative ways to provide customers with these attributes. Proactively retain customers by making reasons to stay, buy, and propagate your company and its services.



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