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If you are constantly checking the recent news and follow blogosphere about SEO in Singapore, you have surely heard about the recent revamp in Google’s algorithm. This new algorithm affected every companies from small business to large organizations. Nobody was exempted from this impunity. But, there are many who were hardly hit and blacklisted to a bot who are not even aware of doing anything wrong. This is only because Google’s analytics do not report any bot activity and also not concerned about your website security. Now what are bots? They are programs commonly used in web for collecting data and fast indexing. When considering the basic, bots are software programs dedicated to do malicious or legitimate automated tasks efficiently than humans within short time period. Also, it is a fact that every three out of five visitors to a website is a bot and that they dominate the web traffic.

SEO companies in Singapore has undergone serious transformations by the past few years for improving user’s search experience. The Panda by Google deals with the poor quality content and the link strategies such as the contextual links, backlinks and internal links. And, Penguin deals with all the derivatives that are targeted at comment spam, spamdexing, and the sites that have gained good rankings through bad seo techniques like link farms, comment spamming, purchasing low quality links, and duplicate content. And then came Hummingbird and as the name suggest is quick and accurate. It combines Panda and Penguin along with some changes that is content related. Changing SEO forever, this completely fixed the entire search process making it more conversational and spam free. Some have claimed that SEO was dead in Singapore, but others, who sticked with White-hat techniques and followed Google’s guidelines for ranking managed to hold on to their rankings and also improve upon using the right combination of quality content, quality links and other quality oriented SEO techniques. Those who relied on Black Hat SEO practices for their SEO company in Singapore saw their website rankings falling down and sometimes swept away from Google search Pages(SERP) sometimes. Many were the victims of hacking who by mistake hosted  and distributed malware was detected by Google and blacklisted their domain that brought their SEO traffic flow to stop.


How can Bot affect your SEO Ranking?

  • Spamming: Spam bots, which is the ultimate target in Google’s eyes is attributed as spamdexing by Digital marketing in Singapore, which is a method of generating lots of poor quality links thought of abusing the comments. Now this link farming tactics are able to cause blacklisting the website and totally remove it from Google’s search pages by damaging to the spammer’s target.
  • Scraping: Scraper bots are stealing the content and then duplicates it on other pages, for years this this has been ongoing in the internet. But this tactic is a silent culprit which leads to punishing the original site for providing duplicate content, regardless they are not responsible for the duplication and are the ones who originally created it.Though disabling the right click on your site can defer human scraping, it cannot defend robots, says branding companies in Singapore.
  • Hacking: Hacking is now a greater threat in the internet, it is a hidden danger for which Web development in Singapore has taken adequate precautions now.. Every three out of five visitors of your site are bots that can damage your site by penalization or complete loss of traffic. Until its too late, many of the websites will not realise them being infected. There are lots of ways to access your website where server serves as a benign commentator. They injects malicious code or links in your header or HTML or anywhere that doesn’t looks abnormal from the normal text. You cannot notice it that easy, your site works normally, functions well but holds a hidden threat. When Google detects this malware in your site, they notify each visitor who click on your pages about the threat before sending them to your site. Though this may not affect your ranking right away, this warning is really bad by time because only few visitors enter your site willingly with such warning.
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