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It has become a usual scene of using swiping cards and tracking cash payments in restaurants. And it seems to be pretty easier right?

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A restaurant POS system is now contemplated to be the cornerstone of their entire business operations. Rather than a mere system that serves a platform for processing payments, POS can be a different story if utilized in an effective way.

Make a drastic difference in your actions with a POS system. Here are some tips that can be followed to multiply your yield.

Commence with unbeatable equipment

The prime focus should be on the features you need. The cost of the POS is directly related to the attributes. If you have to manage a complicated cost strategy and inventory, then you have to espouse something which is capable to render more than elementary operations.



Satisfy EMV compliance

There are some technicals standards to be maintained at payment terminals. A chip-equipped card can make your task simpler and accurate. So give due care and ensure that your equipment has EMV compliance.


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Opt for analytical features

You may be employed with many alternatives that could excite you with their functionalities. What you actually need is one which provides you with the best analytical tools that helps in sorting out your inventory, analyzing the traffic and buying behavior.


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Identify your demanding items

By scrutinising the data collected on the sales, cost, and inventory you will get the information regarding the winning and losing items you have with your restaurant menu.


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Retain customers with a loyalty program

A POS system can develop loyalty programs for your premium customers to make them loyal and retained with your business. Offers and discounts can be created based on the buying habits they have with you.


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Guard against fraudulent activities

tracking everything is possible from cash inflow to outflow and the stock details, employees can’t make any mistakes or theft. The benefit is regarding with the speed at which you can spot it faster.

Integrate online with in-house workflow

More customers are fond of online ordering. Develop a POS system that could manage the influx of these online orders along with your in-house orders at the same time.

Got an idea about how the system should be like?

Now, let us explore the virtue of Pay-at-the-table

Enhancement with table turns – The overriding point where restaurants eventually flounder is when their customer has to hold up for their turn when they want to leave home.

Have you ever experienced such a situation?

A restaurant can have par excellence in their food, drinks, and amenities around, but if they take a long time to process a payment, the whole actions before that will be forgotten since now the customer is angry as they have to wait.


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Enhance customer satisfaction and better tipping

By rendering the best experience to the customers, they will be highly satisfied and it will then results in better tipping.

The dining experience will make one find a way to appreciate others. The increased convenience will streamline the process of tipping a certain percentage


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Are you a restaurant owner equipped with a POS system?
What to envisage in 2019?


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Like other segments of the flourishing payments industry, versatility and the better customer experience are crux topics for developing restaurant POS systems in the new age of 2019. Tablet-based systems relentless to grow in popularity with customers, in part because they give you the mobility you require to develop an awesome ordering and payment rejoice for your esteemed customers.

You should ask yourself, what all can make you happy as a satisfied customer and make them live for your prospective client.

To upgrade customers’ payment experience, almost every restaurant will apply tablet POS systems with chips similar to mobile card readers to obtain payments tableside. Even though this technology has been accessible for a couple of years, many restaurants have been unrushed to embrace it, although many utilize tablets to take orders from the customers. However, some studies on restaurant payments in 2018 reveal that more than half percent of diners would favor paying at the table.

Hope you have got the idea.

Once you have narrowed down the decision to choose your POS from a prominent company, start learning about more functionalities and quote a price within your budget and get a great deal to make it happen.

You will have many alternatives in the industry. Choose the one which is best among them to serve all your needs within an affordable rate.


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