Benefits of Using PHP for Web Development

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PHP For Web Development

There are not many programming languages that can claim a worldwide dominance in their respective field like PHP. It was a revolutionary piece of technology, way ahead of its time.

PHP Products were directly competing against the likes of Ruby and Python products. Both Ruby and Python are more advanced than PHP as they were higher-level, interpreted language. The demand for PHP applications has remained same even after all these years.

Almost 70 percent of user access content on the web, share some lineage with this server-side scripting language. PHP is predominately used for the web development, it is lean mean and powerful. We here at Atees Pte Ltd has a team of veteran PHP developers, we asked each one of them why they considered PHP as the greatest programming language of all time. This article is inspired by their response.

Main Highlights of PHP

The main highlight of PHP is that it is Open-source and free to use. This feature makes it highly accessible to the developer community. It comes as no surprise that PHP is used to create the most successful web content management system and Social Network. Both WordPress and Facebook were firstly made using PHP.

PHP web application also benefits from agile nature of PHP. It runs faster and smoother than its competitors. PHP codes are versatile as they can run on both MySQL and Apache. Setting up and running codes have never been so affordable. The support for content management systems is also commendable. Popular CMSs like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and MODx integrate seamlessly with PHP development tools.

As it is open source, PHP is free to modify and distribute. Beginners can easily learn to code with PHP. There are a lot of good tutorials and support material on the web for beginners.  There is also a good number high-quality free PHP developer tools to get you started. The community of PHP developers is growing strong day by day with more young and talented minds joining the community.

Benefits of Using PHP Over Other Server-Side Scripting Languages

PHP For Web Development

Stability and Support: PHP is open source and free. It is highly stable in nature. A lot of highly qualified individual has contributed to the project. APIs, extensions and Cloud Solutions are easily available.

Easy to Work with: PHP is very forgiving compared to other codes. The requests to the web servers are sent one at a time. With this processing model, errors can be easily identified and rectified.

Less Expensive to Run: Other server side languages like ASP run on windows servers and anything that is associated with windows is an expensive ordeal. PHP is more versatile as it can run on Linux servers. Hosting services are much cheaper if you are using Linux servers

Performance: PHP codes run faster and reliable than other solution. PHP Cloud Solutions are a big hit in Singapore. Our company does provide cloud Solutions to small to medium size business. We can vouch that PHP is much faster than any other languages that we have encountered.

Compatibility: PHP is highly flexible, it supports almost all popular databases and content management systems.The syntax used for PHP codes are similar to JavaScript so transitioning won’t be an issue.

PHP plays an important role in web development, many websites that are on the internet right now is running on WordPress. Many of the popular e-commerce platforms and technologies use PHP in the cloud. Custom coded projects are also popular, PHP developers can help you in database management, server technology, and operating systems. Sites like WordPress, Flickr, Wikipedia, and Facebook are all testimonials of PHP.

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