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Whenever you intend to launch an online marketing endeavour, it is vital to do research on trends and how you can make use of this vogue. When it comes to Christmas, the universal celebration, the online marketing trends starts with Black Friday followed by Cyber Monday and many more on this festive season. Black Friday is regarded as the beginning of Christmas shopping all over the world and it is conducted on the fourth Friday of November. The following Monday is considered to be the Cyber Monday which encourages people to shop online. Christmas is just around the corner. Are you late to look at the calendar? Don’t worry if you had missed your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Gone are the days of the season which had an awesome affair with online marketing. A perfect plan made with online marketing is essential to get benefits of this continuing trends in online marketing.

Plan your Christmas with these departed online marketing trends

This is one of the most wonderful times of the year for both the businesses and its customers. The best way to begin is studying about the past and getting ready for the future. Online marketers should be very keen over this time to know the very details of this shopping season. Let us examine the outcomes of Black Friday and Cyber Monday and look at how those will influence this Christmas. Planning should be done on how to attract prospective customers towards our media and how to make sufficient proposals by retaining our clients.

Let us analyse the reports on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

According to the report generated by Adobe Analytics, online sales on Black Friday increased by 23.6 percent from past statistics. Black Friday was also the first day in history to see more than $2 billion in sales. Cyber Monday 2018 reported the highest-selling day of the holiday season this year, with $7.9 billion in online sales.
A significant swing has been seen because it was a working day and everyone could buy online without hassle-free shopping.

<>Online Marketing Strategies

These reports can be taken as a base for an ideal planner for the Christmas. And this year Christmas is expecting a huge development in online marketing.

How Online trends have changed this Black Friday and Cyber Monday

November 23, Black Friday, As always it was the beginning of a spectacular high-stakes winter shopping accompanied by Cyber Monday on November 26. Like every year, this season should also make or break a company’s success for a fiscal year. Today’s tech world has geared consumerism towards online marketing. According to many reports, more people have taken part in online shopping than previous years on Black Friday. And Cyber Monday has been reported as the largest online marketing trends over past years. The importance of optimising online marketing for targeting the audience has become obvious. The biggest takeaways from the impressive figures show that online marketing optimization is a must and that preparing early for the same is necessary.

What does all these means to you? This gives an idea about how to focus on online marketing strategies going to be done. Have you considered an online marketing campaign? Although the future is uncertain, we can study history, watch the present, and make the ideal, educated inferences. It is never on time to start thinking about the holiday shopping season. Typically by now, the online marketing community is well into the holiday shopping mood, gearing up their websites and social media platforms for the coming flood of services for the ever-important final quarter of the year. The best customer experience is the concern of every buyer and as they are already assured with low price on this special occasion. It is the responsibility of the merchant to provide an awesome experience that appeals to customers.

Top online marketing strategies for this Christmas


  • Plan a strategy
  • Planning is the very first stage of every process. Planning in advance is a necessity since our competitors do the same and so we should be able to dominate in the online market. You need to have a promotion strategy with a clear action plan and implementation dates. You must be clear on how you are going to put them across the different digital platforms. You should also have the answers for what, why and when. These are the key to developing an action plan. And always keep the goal you want to achieve in mind. A good online marketing plan can attract sales and can yield to the most lead generating time of the year. Identify the strategies of your competitor – Every business tries their best to dominate in the market through anyways. Online marketing is the best way to beat them if we are more creative than them. Let your imagination build your offer or promotion around a creative concept. Online marketing should focus on how to impress the prospective audience in an attractive way that will help in increasing leads. All your creativity within your profit margin limit can be express through this media. Your marketing piece should have a personalised style and design. It is also important to incorporate a Christmas detail on the contents you use for your website and in social networks.

  • Go for an anticipation
  • The services or products each company offers may differ. Likewise, a difference in approach of online marketing has a great deal in sales generation. Releasing teaser campaigns may be a good idea for building your target audience’s curiosity. Everything in this media is ought to surprise the audience with any of the means available. Every business has the same motive of making a profit. But the way they choose differs in a specific manner which can alter the needs of the audience.

  • Make use of social media platforms
  • While focusing on online marketing a dominant place should be given for social media where our customers are always alive and keep going with their activities. A good content is always better positioned in Google, make sure you have made the content with sufficient keywords and have attractive marketing elements. Make your page as accessible as possible.

  • Reward your loyal customers
  • Idle retailers risk losing their loyal consumers to competing brands if they don’t place themselves well with proportional discounts and indistinguishable experiences. Social media is the best example, by offering social-specific offers and promotions, brands can honour their existing followers and build productive brand experiences at a critical point of time in the sales calendar. Read more removing customer friction from social media marketing

  • Empathise yourselves
  • What all things can make us addictive can be somehow similar like others. We have to presume what our customer’s need is and do the needful for the same. Some of the most successful advertisements are one that works on human emotions, and the holidays are the ideal time to take advantage of that. The emotion you try to capitalize on will depend on your demographic categories. Your content and style should be made in proportion to the age group of prospective customers you may have.

If we are able to work on these, a sure drastic change in lead generation can be made with a proper online marketing strategy.

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