How to Transfer from HTTP to HTTPS

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Google Search algorithm has become an essential to all those who wish to make their presence well known on the google search engine. Online marketing and the urge to shift the online traffic towards your website has become a key factor to consider in this modern era.

A Lightweight ranking system was introduced by google, that is the HTTPS/SSL that helps to impact on 1% of the online traffic, but will gradually increase in the coming future will help increase the ranking system by HTTPS. The time will provide webmasters an adequate time to convert from HTTP to HTTPS.

Although not now, only after a long period of time you can assume that there would be a better scope in the usage of HTTPS, as for now it does not have the capability to improve your website rankings but eventually after a period of time, HTTPS can provide you with better results.

Although it would not directly help to develop your websites SEO, but indirectly strengthens your website. By providing you with a quality URL, that will indirectly provide you with a better website traffic.

What is HTTPS?

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, is just like HTTP, but is more secure in the case of online transactions, net banking & hotel checkouts. A Secure Sockets Layer certificate is provided to the website when a user log on to the website via HTTPS. A locked padlock icon will appear on the URL that will tell you that the website is secure and user friendly. To keep all your personal information safe, the locked padlock icon is always found on firefox and google chrome.

People trying to snoop online are denied with the help of HTTPS. It acts like a certain guard that provides to keep the information between the web server and browser safe, which makes it hard to hack or take information from a website or computer. Now the count of websites that use HTTPS is around 15% in the world wide web, while the number just keeps increasing often in a period of time.



A website that uses Https, won’t provide your website with a high ranking or a heavy traffic towards your site within a day. To say that Https is completely useless would be unfair, as it is a wave of the future that can provide you with a better chance to surf on a secure base of internet.

As Https is endorsed by Google, you can expect that there would be a larger amount of buyers who would prefer to switch to Https. So, all the website owners need to be prepared for the massive shift before it’s late and expensive.

How to Migrate to HTTPS?

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) won’t be enabled at all the websites, especially the ones that are checkout areas. You must know that if your website is SSL certified, then only the site will be profited and would increase the ranking.


To start with your migration, at first you will need a SSL certificate for your website. A Secure Socket Layer certificate can provide you with eligibility for your website converting to Https. Then you will have to select the type of Domain like single, multiple-domain, or wildcard certification.

Due to crawling with robots there is a chance that your website might get blocked and there won’t be a healthy access towards Https in you website. During the entire migration process, it tracks each and every migration process on google webmaster to know where and how you went wrong at a point.

Knowledge about HTTPS

Many website owners say that, they found a huge amount of traffic reduction when they migrated to Https. People started to blame the migration for the cause of the reduction, but its the migration process that counts. If the migration process is done carefully and by the experienced programmers, you will not face any reduction in the web traffic towards your site.

Some said that Https is slow and compared to Http take much more time to load. Google have been trying their level best to resolve these problems and have assured that such a problem is solved and they suggest that if the migration is done right then there will be no negative movement on your google ranking.


Well these are the things that you want to know about Https and its advantage..

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