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Online Hotel Booking

Mobile Application has made everything in this world easy, from learning to health to matrimony, everything has got into mobile. Every effort has been simplified to a tap, you’ll receive anything to everything with just a tap. But it is noticed that many of the hoteliers still show reluctant to the innovative business booster. May be they are not getting the relevance of having a mobile app for the successful business run. Think about your premium client reaches Singapore Airport and pull out his phone to open your hotel mobile app and books his room right away. Within few minutes he’ll receive the booking status and a thanking note for choosing your hotel. Upon reaching your hotel he’ll receive a welcome message along with the room number. Now he can head straight into his room and use his smartphone to unlock his room. Later using the chat box he can order his food or drinks(the way he needs it) directly to your staffs. Don’t you feel this convenient for your guests? How simple everything was done!

Before people were asked to fill forms, wait long for attenders to come and receive you to your respective room and then repeatedly call at the reception for your food..How messy all these was! One could not even have a smooth or relaxing sojourn at hotels. Everything took time and effort which is now vanished with the breakthrough of hotel Apps. Hospitality industry has committed in answering every new demands that has been updated with new technologies that is revolving around smartphones. Over the years, customer satisfaction and appraisal has become the top priority for every hoteliers, giving more importance to human integration with technology. We’ll now see the benefits of having a mobile app for your business..

Your Customer’s Experience Matters..

Mobile Apps for hotels are not just intended for smoother reservation process, it takes up other services like messaging or push notification to provide your guest with valuable information about your services or stays. So that staying at you hotel seems like having a great relaxation without any inconvenience. You can swiftly accommodate additional guest requests such as airport transfers, medical assistance, additional towels, etc. Some mobile apps even offers exciting features such as TV control, temperature control, purchase films etc.

Personalized Attention for Customers..

It is easy to gain valuable information and insights about your customer behaviour and turn up these information to create personalized guest experiences. This in turn will strengthen customer relationships and cultivates guest loyalty as they always appreciate recognition of their preferences like their favourite dessert after their food or a free coupon for the special spa service that they used to enjoy. Best hotel apps are proved to offer this customer oriented services on studying your customer’s likes and dislikes.

Enhanced Brand Loyalty..

Mobile apps for hotel booking are the best to reap improved brand loyalty. It has made easy to provide feedback by guests, they can simply rate using star or leave a comment. Better service improves your brand, because the word of mouth of a satisfied customer is far efficient than advertisements. Also this helps you to share their experiences via social media.

Improved Revenue..

Mobile applications and its high usage has paved way for development of mobile commerce. Hotels, using their app can enable push notifications and in-app messages to attract guests for booking dinner or inform them of special offers and services. Online room booking app enables you to gain more customers and get in touch with them throughout providing excellent relationship. Your special deals and notifications will reach each of your customers no matter where they are which can help increase booking conversions. It is also possible to upsell rooms and power up the cross-sell of auxiliary services like restaurant, spa, travel assistance, etc.

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