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Singapore is a small country with different cultures, rituals and regions blend along so nicely and maintaining a modern world. Along with its blend of culture, it is obvious that they do have much varieties of food and tourism culture. Being blessed with both natural and man made resources, Singapore is a well-known tourism place too. It is obvious that the scope for good hotel booking app will always be there in Singapore. Here is the most useful feature a Hotel Mobile App should have in order to satisfy their customer by ensuring their comfort and easiness.

  1. Location-Specific Search with Map Facility
  2. Location-specific search is mandatory in any Apps To Book Hotels in order to ensure that customer find the exact location where they are heading to. Additionally, map facility to show the location in the map for the further clear understanding is a very much welcome facility. A normal Hotel Apps To Find Hotels only provide a generic address and it is not easy to check that address in google map and find the exact location. If the map location is provided inside the hotel entry itself, it would be a lot more simple for the the customer.

  3. Contact Number
  4. A hotel booking app should have hotel contact numbers in order to personally in touch with them in case anything is not clear. Same as the map issue, most hotel entries in Mobile Apps For Hotels do not provide the contact number. However, some apps provide chat support with their employees who will be in touch with the hotel management so that the correct information passed between them and channelise a good interaction. So preference is to either provide the contact number or allow a chat facility to make hotel booking smooth and fast.

  5. In and Around the Hotel
  6. App For Booking Hotels should provide a proper information about facilities in an around the hotel to plan your visit in advance. Information can include, nearest best stop, nearest shops and restaurants and its ratings, distance from airports and nearby must visit places will be helpful for any person who is trying to book the hotel. This will let him understand how well that place will fit him. Such useful pieces of information will provide the hotel as well as the app an advantage and good impression on the user and they will use the hotel as well as the hotel booking app next time whenever they are in need.

  7. Room Structure
  8. Anyone who seeks a hotel room will desire to know how the interior and facility of hotel room look like. There are only a few apps who provide room structure, however, Such a facility provides the customer a chance to look at the interior place allocation and designs to decide whether room need to book or not. A trustworthy information through such option will show how reliable the app is and it makes sense for the user to use these apps when it providing easy decision-making option. However, making sure that these pieces of information are up to date is a company’s responsibility.

  9. Info About Amenities
  10. It is a basic requirement that a Hotel booking app or site should have information about the amenities available in the hotel room. Different users will have the different idea of living and different set of amenities required. In this case, having filters to do an advanced search is much needed in an Online Room Booking App. However, the majority of the Hotel Apps in Singapore does have this search and information to know about the amenities pieces of information.

  11. Event Facilities
  12. Most of the reputed hotels in Singapore do have an event organising facility. Most of the inquiry will be about participating in the event or for organising one. In this case, it is beneficial for hotel seeking the person to have check option in hotel app to know if the event hall is available or not, or the booking status for those events. Adding an event status option in App For Hotels in Singapore will benefit those who are looking for hotels or event planning in Singapore hotel.

  13. City Sitemap
  14. Being tourism and technological country Singapore is, it is a welcome addition to have city sitemap in Hotel Room Booking App in Singapore. Singapore does have lot of attraction in an out of the city. Attaching a simple and effective sitemap with top most attractions highlighted in a map will help the tourist sightseeing guest to understand the city as well as the hotel location. With Fare, map and in and around pieces of information, a hotel seeker can decide the best choice of hotel.

  15. Loyalty Points
  16. We often come across any brand of hotels who have many hotels across the country. Being the big those chains are, they will also have loyalty points which can claim during your stay. This is based on the number of times you stayed in the same chains of hotel. Upon staying a number of times, they will provide you loyalty point which we can use when there is any other paid service to obtain from the hotel. This loyalty point can also use for booking a hotel in case you are running out of cash. Having an option to see whether hotel provides or accept loyalty is the nice feature to have in Hotel search engine and booking app to know whether you have an added advantage or not.

  17. Offers and Discount Rates
  18. If often a case all of us are looking at. However, a direct inquiry or an inquiry through phone about the offers and discount rate are not so comfortable for many of the hotel seekers out there. Via Hotel search engines, we can avoid such issue and find out the best offer available hotels with better facilities. Offers and discounts will give a lifeline to those tourists who are in cash shortage. Searching with the offers and discount will help them to get the best possible hotel within their budget. This will help them to plan their trip more economically yet with exploring more places.

    Also, Offers and discounts will be available if the guest or guests organisation having any partnership with the hotel chain. Even the credit, debit or travel card you are using may provide you exclusive offer which you can find in offers and discount part in the app. Such facility will surprise you with more economic benefit so that your accommodation budget can spend on other needs.

  19. Social Network
  20. Social media is in the lead everywhere and all the advertisement also routing through social media these days. This is because of the acceptance the world provided for social media due to its real content creation. We could see a to z products are promoted through the social media influencers. Hence it is important to use this platform for a better reach to the online media users. Probably they are playing a key role here of being the deciders of a new trend or making a new trend.

In this social media boom, it is important to have the pages on Facebook, twitter, Instagram at least. Hence even the hotel booking app should give their link so that guest can follow and know the update about the hotel’s ongoing interesting deals. This will keep guests and app for a long time and will have a mental connection between them.

Hotel Booking App For Android in Singapore or iOS App For Hotel Booking in Singapore definitely allowed with better information and features for simplifying the guest’s hotel booking experience. However, the above provided are the 10 useful features along with basic ones which will give guests more comfort in terms of money, facility, and trust. Since more and more facilities and features coming up in technology as well as in hotel and amenities departments, apps facilitators should also update and upgrade their app with new features and designs to get along with the new trend. In this new social media world, where each day a new trend popping out, Hotel apps should also keep and eye on a new trend and facilities to updated their format.

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