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Web And Graphics Design In Singapore

If you have been following the web and graphics design space for a while, you would have noticed that lately, it is all about being minimal. Minimalism offers a visually clean design with flat elements and punchy colors. More and more designer are exploring the minimalist line of works. We are not expecting any drastic changes in 2018 but, some new trends are surely going to pop up. Here are some of the budding trends in web & graphic design.

1. Cinemagraphs

Cinemagraph is probably the most visually appealing trend in this list. Ever since its inception in 2011 cinemagraphs have been grabbing the attention of world famous designers and photographers. It is basically a still photograph with minor recurring motion. It is a lot like the GIF animations of the past but, the underlying principle at work is totally different. Cinemagraphs behave more like a live photograph than an animation.

2. Responsive Scalable Vector Graphics

Scalable Vector Graphics were first introduced in the year 2001, ever since then, it is a hot favorite of developers and designers alike. Responsive SVGs are currently used for Logo Designing in Singapore. World Wide Web Consortium developed the SVG format based on the XML platform. Neither scaling nor compression would harm the quality of a responsive vector Graphic. They are predominantly used for web design and development purposes. As more and more people are accessing the web using mobile devices responsive design has become a norm in web design. More and more companies are taking up responsive scalable vector graphic logo as they are more brand-friendly.

3. Bolder fonts

Unlike the past few years which gave more emphasis on sleek and slim font face, 2018 is all about making your statements bold, we literally mean BOLD. Designers have ditched the narrow fonts of past and embraced the bigger bolder fonts. Fonts like the serifs are making a come back along with new bolder font experiment. The trend is not just limited to the web even print media design are using bolder font nowadays. Most of the Brochure Designing in Singapore that we take up is now done using bold font. While bold fonts have not replaced our go-to fonts they are certainly used more than before.

4. Brighter hues and color gradients

After the materialistic design revolution colors are now brighter than ever. Pinks and blues are dominating the designer color palettes. Brighter colors convey a more cheerful and pleasant message. Gradients are also making a comeback, lighter shade is now combined to make more vibrant designed gradients.

5. Adding vintage retro flare

Remember those bright and funky colors of the 80’s and 90’s. Well, they are now trending among designers. The vintage designs speak for themselves, they are both unique and bold at the same time. Vintage elements can bring in a refreshing change to the monotonous flat designs. The neon colors and retro fonts are all part of the vintage flares.

6. Candid photographs

Staged photographs are now a thing of the past, people love real photographs. Candid photographs are artistic renderings of the real life emotions and energy. Big brands have moved away from the studios, capturing life at its pace is the new trend. Filters are sparingly used nowadays because they take away the natural beauty of the composition. Big brands are now rooting for candid photographs.

7. Custom made vectors

Our company ATEES provides flyer/leaflet Designing in Singapore. By using custom-made graphics and illustrations, we are adding more value to our service. Custom art improves the quality as well as the uniqueness of designs. Hand drawn custom illustrations are also a big hit among the designer community. Now would be a great time to use sketchbooks and notepads.

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