Overview Of Digital Marketing Techniques And Its Different Practises

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You ever gave thought how much blogs are posted on a daily basis?

Accordingly to marketing profs, there are 2 million blog posts are written daily expecting to find themselves in the first page of google search or any other search engine. As it may be an estimation, numbers can be higher since more and more people taking interest in blog writing and promotions. As the content marketing is a main digital marketing techniques.

While I writing this very sentence, 50 blogs would have easily posted. Hence, what is the best possibility to let this world notice your blogs from the millions of other posts?

Well, the obvious answer is SEO. SEO is the short form for Search Engine Optimisation and it helps to optimise the search engine with relevant settings and content to bring your blog to a noticeable rank in search engines. On average, internet users around the world do more than 2.2 million searches in google on a daily basis. Hence, the usage of SEO becomes critical since the competition is too high to cope up with.

As Wikipedia defined SEO as “the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid results.” Let me simplify it further. For example if you want to know about ‘SEO companies in Singapore’ and you search the term ‘SEO companies in Singapore’ on Google(Google is the search engine that used by 90% of the internet users), the top result you are receiving in the google search are those websites where SEO magic worked. Good SEO settings can vary the google results and bring a blog to top results under the specific keyword usage. Today there are various digital marketing techniques which can help the SEO practitioners to increase their businesses.

Here we are going to dig more about SEO,


Before we begin, let’s give you some fact to know how important this SEO is. 90% of the searches are triggered in Google and 67% of the website are clicked from top 5 results. Hence it is important to know the difference between the first 5 results reach and the rest. Unfortunately, if the site link fall under the second page, that site almost considered to be a dead one as per SEO terms.

However, to understand how to show up in the first 5 results, we should know about how it works. Here is the basic information about how search works.

How Search Works

In the world of internet, searching in a search engine become an integral part of online marketing and digital marketing techniques as most of the companies are relying on their google result placement to determine the possibility of reaching their product to the potential online users.

However, Google has their own ideal algorithm in place which keeps on updating to find the best way to promote the content driven blogs. There are 2 ways to optimise the search and those are white hat and black hat.

White Hat and Black Hat

White hat is the most authentic and genuine digital marketing technique to score your blog a high ranking. Since white hat is genuine in nature, it will face a lot of competition from the other blog who are using the white hat as well as a black hat.

Here are the strategies that white hat use,

  1. Original and relevant content
  2. Unique Images
  3. Appropriate links and references
  4. Complete sentences with correct grammar
  5. Standard HTML
  6. Catchy and related Blog titles

While White Hat is busy with genuine SEO digital marketing techniques, Black Hat is trying to find the loopholes and unethical techniques to boost the ranking. Users who are using black hat techniques will only optimise the content for search engine and try to rank them without even having a good and unique content. Ultimately the content they are focusing is the search engine in a friendly way, now human-friendly.

Black hat basically works with bending and breaking the rule to get their site rank high in search engine for a quick money. However, since the content is junk and the technique used is not ethical, the website can be banned by google once those unethical practices are noticed.

Here are the practices that a Black Hat follows,

  1. Duplicate Content
  2. Hidden texts and overloaded with keywords
  3. Lots of redirect links
  4. Links to non-relevant content

While White hat, on the other hand, focuses on humans and the best practice for a sustainable business model and get the reliable and genuine human audience due to your quality content and genuine SEO. This will also encourage the business to provide more and more quality content in order to sustain the reach and promotion through a proper and ethical task that the risk of suspending the site erased.


Grey Hat

However, the ideal practice for offering the best spot in the search results are somewhere in between White hat and Black hat which famously called as grey hat. The reason grey hat practice came into existence is the loopholes shown in Google algorithms which sometimes failed to detect the quality content blogs rather than the normal one’s.

Grey Hat is not an unethical digital marketing techniques or trick to score the best in the search list, however, it provides a distinct advantage for performing well in the google search. Since SEO rules and Google, algorithms change rapidly and most of the current SEO are just predictions and comparing with the old online engagement and data. There can be many different points of view on the grey hat or any practice for that matter. There are many followers for Black hat who generally want an instant fame and money. The main point to deny white hat is the loopholes that white hat has to miss out the quality content blogs on certain circumstances. However, they are happily ignoring the fact that Google can ban the site from listing in their list if they found that the site is optimised with the black hat.

White hat on the other has full support from Google and genuinely optimised which followed by the majority of the business unit to play it safe in order to save their website from the ban. White hat is the pure form of SEO and it needs a lot of genuine effort to bring the site to top search lists due to the high competition that it faces from other white hats, black hats and Grey hats. Grey hat, on the other hand, enjoys the advantages of white and black. However, it doesn’t really belong to black since they’re not unethical practices are not don’t by grey. Grey hat practices are sometimes bent the rule and refrain from breaking the rule. Which provide it an added advantage from White and Black. Grey cannot be banned like the black hat and still enjoy the advantage over the White hat.

Here we discussed much the overview and different kind of digital marketing techniques or practices that SEO follow. In the coming series of blogs, we can dig in much more details as it is important to know more about SEO since Search engine optimisation is one of the most important parts of digital marketing since it is almost impossible to show the quality content to the world without having the SEO specifications. SEO can bring you up in the search list no matter what and a combination of quality content will let the engagement and lead will grow for your business. SEO being an integral part of Online marketing and social media marketing, It gives a chance to convert small and medium companies to brand companies. SEO also play an important plan in Facebook promotions, pay per click services, etc.

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