Step By Step Procedure To Grow Small Business Through Digital Marketing

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From the beginning of business evolution, small traders were always been suffered at the surviving stage when comparing to big business units. While business units were growing their business through different marketing strategies where a high amount of money involved, small business units surviving by just focusing their trade in the local market. However, with the evolution of digital marketing, there are significant differences noticed in the amount of reach can be made by a small town trader. With a small amount of money, they could promote his content to a larger audience where they want to sell his product. The existence of Digital marketing strategies has bridged the gap between the giant companies and small traders in terms of their marketing reach.

Digital marketing indeed landed as a saviour to small and medium companies since it opens up a wide range of customer access. Any business can reach out to their potential customers through online marketing by following few steps and making sure the information they provided in the web are correct. Here we explain the steps to convert your small business to a growing business via digital marketing.

1. Business Listing

Business listing is a web directory that lists a variety of businesses under the different niche category. As always Google’s Google business is the most used business directory. There are several business directories who stores the business information.

The business responsible can create and update the information as an when it requires alteration. This step will ensure that users who are searching for the details will get the correct information about the company. Incorrect detail will reduce the google ranking of the organization.


2. Customer Acknowledgement

Customer reviews for products or companies play an important part in sales generation. Most of the customers do research about the product and company before finalising the product. The most reliable data they look at is the honest reviews by the customers. Positive reviews will have a great impact on users and there are high chances of increase in sales. However, equally a bad review will affect the sales and can even reduce the current sales. Hence, satisfying the customer is the key here and quality work and customer friendly service will give a good image of your service and customer will mention the best parts in their review.

Here are a few interesting facts about the importance of review

90 percent of the consumers choosing their business from online only after reading their reviews

  • 85% – Trust online reviews as much as a mouth to mouth recommendations
  • 73% – Says that Google reviews make them trust a local business
  • 64%- Call or visit the business /their website only after reading their reviews

Here are a few points for keeping up the review standard in social media.

Monitor your online reviews on Google, Facebook and other famous websites.
Generate new and positive reviews providing the quality service and encouraging the customer to post their experience as the review.
Respond to negative reviews quickly in a polite way and understand their concern. Offer them a fair compensation and improve the service accordingly for not getting similar complaints.


3. Engaging Website

An attractive and engaging website is a potential sale generator. Website visitors register their impression about the site and company standard during the first few seconds of the website visit. Hence the designs and highlighted content should be engaging and impressive to create a positive first impression on the website as well as the company.

It is interesting to see that 70% of small business owners say that they are not getting time to maintain their site. In this new era of digital marketing, it is important to have a website that optimized enough to grab the attention of online users and generate business leads.

Below are the features that a website should have

  • Mobile Friendly
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Business-friendly Designs
  • Social Media Links
  • Place Best Review

Here are a couple of interesting facts about the importance of the optimized website.

  • 36% – say they are more likely to contact a local Business which has a website
  • 34% – say a clear and smart business gives a local business more credibility


4. Spread your Business in Social media

Social media is not just a personal space anymore. As the user number and engagement are increasing, Social media becoming the largest marketing platform. The statistics also show a high rate of internet and social media usage that proves social media is the biggest contributor for promoting the content. Here are a few statistics that show the range of social media marketing.

  • Facebook has more than 1 billion active users on a daily basis
  • Twitter has more than 300 million active tweeters on a monthly basis
  • More than 30% of U.S. Internet users have an Instagram account
  • 79% – actively use social media
  • 62% – age 65 and older use social media
  • 56% – use more than one of the 5 prominent social platforms


5. SEO & PPC Marketing

Digital marketing consist of targeting the audience who are most likely to be the potential customer and PPC marketing is the methods that internet marketing use for an extra push. PPC offers extra ads on related websites and social media where most potential users are actively engaged. Unlike other digital marketing strategies, the small-scale business unit can also use this method to increase their sales margin.

Since Google is the number one search engine that 90% of internet users are using, all local business wants to see their content on google first page. A professional Search Engine Optimization team can make sure that your content highlight in the first search results considering the content you provided is valid and genuine.


6. Advertising on Online Media

Build your brands with display ad which can reach potential customers. These ads can keep the customer connection whenever they come across the ad and increase potential sales due to repetitive advertisements.

Here are the points to be taken care

  • The Right Site
  • Post your ads on the most popular sites for maximum reach

  • The Right App
  • Place your ads on the most engaging apps such as Facebook, YouTube, etc.

  • The Right Measures
  • Place your ads at the right time, in the right location, for the right audience.


7. Focus on What the Customer Really Wants

The internet is a big web that connects each and every information from one end of the world to another. As each day 20 million blogs being posted, posting the relevant posts for customers is the best strategy to do than posting junk content just for the sake of reaching people. Think about the below questions and try to answer them from the customer perspective. This will ease the difficulty while creating the promotional content. Hence stop highlighting the things you want to show and promote the content that customer wants to see.

  • Why should your customers care about you?
  • Why should they follow you on social media?
  • Why should they read your website content?
  • Why should they subscribe to your newsletter?
  • Why should they come back to your website?

Digital marketing is a clear way to progress the business despite the size and wealth of the organization. It bridges the gap between user and small-scale business and large-scale business in terms of marketing facilities. By following the above points, a small scale business can reach to their possible customers and grow their business to a whole new level.

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