How To Start S.M.A.R.T SEO In Singapore

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Many people plan for pretty resolutions at the beginning of the year, but most of them have given up on them by March. We step into new year with the best intentions but when see no immediate results, or seems like taking long we step out of it and search for something else.

In case of SEO Singapore, companies will have a goal of increasing the traffic to their websites and if not will dump the online market strategy. The SEO strategy in Singapore can be divided into two: long term actions and short term actions. If you are into long term, your website should have a strong platform optimized for search, clear link building strategy, enhanced content and keyword-rich meta tags. Also, you will need to constantly work on SEO strategy everyday to promote the business in order to top of the updates that are released by the search engines (Bing, Google, Yahoo).

You might have heard of S.M.A.R.T goals if you’ve been in business for a while. The acronym simply stands for S-specific, M-measurable, A-achievable-realistic, T-timely. All business sectors are now into Search Engine optimization, doing it smart can make it extremely rewarding. If you have a quality product and you are full of confidence about it, but is away from the page ranking, here are the tips to S.M.A.R.T SEO goals. SEO companies in Singapore are are well prepared to organize all these goals that exactly clone with your products or services.


Specific Goals

If the goals are vague and subjective, measuring the success and progress of an SEO strategy would be hard. Though you got rank #1 for certain keyword seems specific, this ranking would not help your business actually grow. Many people rank #1 for a set of keywords and never see any real benefit from it. The most efficient way of resolving this huge and fuzzy goal is to break it to smaller goals like, getting X many leads, a specific no. of visitors, or making X sales using the internet marketing tactics. Yet another important specific goal is that everyone in the company in Singapore needs to be well aware of these specific goals and how to attain them putting the maximum effort together.


Measurable Goals

Specific goals are more easily measured and a goal that is not able to measure is practically pointless. High ranking for a keyword ensures increased website traffic that results in more sales. While this process the companies often overlook those important analytics that contributed to their results. Breakdown your goals into smaller goals so that you can measure it. The traffic your site got, the reason people got attracted to it, what made them purchase, the peak time of traffic, and the type of customers who visited your site. If your SEO goals are not measurable, they are no S.M.A.R.T goals and will be hard to achieve. There are lot of factors that you can measure:

  • Increase in traffic
  • Rank for main converting organic and local keywords
  • Rank for secondary benchmark and local keywords
  • Trust flow
  • Citation flow
  • Balance of trust and citation
  • Link building metrics
  • Total links build
  • Real world metrics
  • Number of links from authority sites
  • Number of links from relevant sites
  • Organic traffic increase
  • And more..


Achievable Goals

Ask yourself few questions to know whether your SEO goal is actually achievable:

  • Have sufficient resources to hit your goals?
  • Know how these goals would impact your business?
  • How much you would need to put effort to compete those players dominating the search engine results page?
  • Can you deal efficiently with the increased traffic?

All your goals should me specific, challenging but most importantly be in the realm of possibility


Realistic Goals

If your business includes target specific search terms that are highly competitive, you will have a tight battle to fight. Realistic goals make business owners to assess and analyse the health and resources of their companies. ‘R’ can also stand for relevant so, while looking for keywords to target make it relevant to the products or services involved. A specific signal that your SEO goals are not relevant is when you see a spike in web traffic but not in the number of conversions. An efficient SEO company in Singapore can set all these goals exactly tailored for your business.


Timely Goals

Than any other forms of marketing, SEO in Singapore takes time to set up, maintain, monitor, and see effective results. Other than the waiting, Google’s search rank algorithm is changing constantly which requires constant monitoring and adjust the SEO strategies accordingly. SEO success takes time from months to a few years to see the positive results. Large goals may required to be broken down into more specific, measurable, realistic, and achievable goals that has got its own timelines and deadlines.

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