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Content Marketing and SEO are the part of modern marketing strategy which builds on the reliability of original content and its acceptance shown by the audience. Although Content Marketing in Singapore and SEO are 2 terms for marketing, there are major differences in tasks. While Content Marketing purely based on content and its variations, SEO makes sure out sites and content reach to a large amount of audience via SEO specific tactics. That also shown how Content Marketing and SEO are interdependent on each other despite their different way of working.

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is a marketing term which got popular recently because of its acceptance in social media. Annoyed by the traditional yet fake marketing strategies, audience shown more interest in normal content which online users used to post in social media. Observing this noticeable acceptance from a large number of viewers, few of the marketing personals attempted to showcase their products via popular online media content makers. This experiment received a positive approach and Content Marketing started to grow from there.

Content in Content marketing can be in any form such as audio, video, writing, blogs, etc. This marketing strategy can be implemented via, blogs, you-tube vlogs, social media platforms, etc. Content marketing is more social media brand based who are more famous among online media. This strategy is more of an indirect marketing where the firm tries to fit in the original contents along with showcasing the product features to give an insight to viewers that their product is better and trustworthy.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation, popularly known as SEO is a marketing tool for increasing the visibility of a content in search engine through various SEO related tactics such as keywords, backlinks, etc.SEO specialist finds ways to set the ranking of a site or content high some it can reach to the first page of a search engine search. One of the reasons why SEO is relevant is the majority of the viewers prefer the first 5 results in Google than the rest. For the viewer, the first 5 results look more reliable and trustworthy than the rest. SEO persons also provide tips to content writers and makers to use certain keywords or phrases to arrange the site or content more optimized. It is a normal tendency that a blog or any content which is high in quality is not getting any reach if we compare to other content makers who produce same or low-quality content. A good SEO specialist can fix this and he can help to reach the valuable content to the desired audience. Approaching SEO Company in Singapore in will come handy as they can improve site’s popularity with a proper SEO work. Or concerned Blogger or content maker can directly contact Google AdWords services in Singapore. Google AdWord is a service provided by Google where you can create an advertisement for your blog and can advertise it by paying a reasonable money to Google. Even you can take help of keyword to find tools like, google keyword planner, wordstream free keyword suggest tool, keyword spy, etc. The keywords suggested by these sites can included in content without affecting the essence of the topic which will boost content reach.

Role of Content Writers

Content writers are those set of people who write each and every content in social media Such as, blogs, videos descriptions, brochures, generic emails, etc. They play with words and generate original content to attract the viewers. However, Without an SEO consultant, it is hard for a content to reach the set of targeted audience. SEO and content writer works closely with each other to optimize the content as much as possible without losing its uniqueness. Although SEO is important for the reach, content is the one thing that viewers come back to our products. We can easily say that content is the backbone of content marketing.

Blog and Content writer

The biggest difference between the content writer and a blogger is the content writer can also be a blogger, the, however, a blogger cannot be a content writer. A blogger is writing his own blog for and publishing it in his space. A blogger doesn’t explore any other aspects of writing other than his blog. However, the content writer does write all the content and doesn’t remain stuck in any one aspect. In the end, both are content makers, yet the content writer is much more professional than a blogger tag.

Different Kinds of Content Marketing

Digital marketing is a boom in the world so as digital marketing in Singapore. From Facebook to Whats-app, Instagram to website blogs all are attempting to attract new viewers to keep their interest in company brand. New generation viewers do like storytelling and content marketing is doing exactly the same. Through different, unique and original stories, brands engage viewers and keep them close to create an emotional attachment. There are many Digital Marketing companies in Singapore who can help with creating the emotional attachment to a brand.


Here are a Few types of Content Marketing
  • Contests
  • Contests are one of the easiest options for brands to engage their followers and attract a new one during the contest. If you notice, there will be a lot of content coming with a few sets of hashtags. These are requested by product companies through different social media brands so that followers participate in it. Such interesting contests will create more and more contents and with that brand name will register in the viewer’s mind. This will build an emotional connection with followers even though they didn’t even try their product which eventually leads to buying their product whenever the name appear before you. TikTok, earlier known as is one of the companies which grew up with a lot of contest and original contents. They provide a platform to showcase user’s talents which lead them to grow from a small Chinese app to big international company. We can even call tiktok an online Marketing Company in Singapore since its work mostly based on current trends in music and film world and a lot of movies are promoted there through new contests.

  • Social Media Posts on Current Issues
  • Most of the big companies opened social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. A frequent interaction with their followers give them a better understanding of what their followers expect from them and they can also share their point of view on socially relevant topics. This brings a more open culture and a trustful behave from these companies can bring more and more followers and eventually a bonding with establishing among them. During festive season or at any celebration time, company’s Facebook accounts schedule events and promote it to support a cause or any relevant social matters along with their promotional products. This will ensure an increase in customers and new followers for a better sale in that season. Many such events are conducting worldwide and Singapore is no different. Facebook promotion in Singapore is frequently conducted and actively done throughout the country.

As a conclusion, SEO and Content Marketing are interdependent even though both work entirely differently. One should concentrate on a good content which is basic for audience attraction and connection, SEO comes in handy because it places your content where your intended audience can see it. Hence content marketing and SEO become so crucial in this social media era. The important part is google also do their own test and they are quite good at finding the high-quality content with their own algorithms. Hence, having a brilliant content and a good amount of SEO without hurting the content will keep you up in the search, possibly in the top 5 entries itself.

Most of the time a company with good quality product lack a good marketing team, especially in the digital marketing field. Since the Content marketing in Singapore and SEO already explained here, the relevancy of the modern marketing is already known. Known for its expertise in Social media marketing in Singapore and Digital Marketing Company in Singapore, Atees offers all digital marketing related support to our clients. For more details, you can visit platform.

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