Brochure Designing in Singapore – 2018 Trends

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Brochure Designing in Singapore

Brochure design trends also emerge and fade away each year just like other graphic designs such as websites, logo designing in Singapore, business cards etc. To create memorable brochure designs, new design trends come up every year. Here are some of the key changes seen in Brochure Designing in Singapore in 2018 are:

  • Wide Variety Of Typography
  • A lot of experiments may be taken up by designers in this field. Nowadays more and more brands are customising their typography. In 2018 the designers are going to stick to a set pattern of typography. To catch customers attention bold typefaces was followed mostly. A mix of typefaces was now followed by designers. Different qualities of typefaces can be brought into a brochure. It means there may be more than one typeface on the cover. You might find a different font for inner folds of brochure such as subheadings, body text, and headings.

  • Use Of Vibrant Colors
  • Bold and bright colours were not used by the designers so far. They believe that a murky tint of colours will deliver some message of the intricacy of a brand. But these concepts are changing nowadays. Gradients and patterns of colours are used in graphic designing in Singapore. As a part of re branding operation of the companies, many brochure designing in Singapore has been generated. The objective here is to attract potential colours with something new. Now logo designing in Singapore are using juxtapose vibrant and drenched colours with hushed colours and dingy pastels.

  • Avoiding Use Of The Grid
  • All brochure designs may not be following the rules of design grids. Grid rules are being used by many logo designers, graphic designers and also by leaflet designing in Singapore. Getting out from grid rules will give them a freedom to experiment layout for inner pages and the cover of brochures. As its outcome, you can expect more strange looking brochures that you have never seen before.

  • Different Geometrical Shapes
  • Many brochure designs had come up with many different geometrical shapes as a part of experiments. Never get surprised if you are provided with any triangular, circular, rectangular, and square-shaped brochures. Other than this primary shapes brochures are also available in hexagon and octagon shapes too. These shapes will help to surprise target audience and makes the brochure design stands out.

  • Use Of Illustration
  • Web and graphics design in Singapore ensure creative pieces of work when using illustration as a tool to convey brand messages. Variety of illustrations are being used for brochure design in 2018. This element will have a better interaction with the audience. To provide information images or illustrations can be used in brochures.

  • Minimalist Brochures
  • To convey a brand message most designers go for the minimal amount of design elements are used. To make the concept clear and for more simplicity designers come out with design concept concepts that involve the use of fewer elements. Even to create social media page, minimalist designs are well accepted in a lot of graphic designs.

  • 3-D brochures
  • From a 2-D medium, brochure had stepped into a new 3-D pattern with vibrant colours to make an illusion of depth. In a 3-D pattern, most brochures will look like an art object.

  • Use Of Artful Photography
  • Ordinary non-professional or non-artistic images do not deliver a message productively. Formal and static images are now replaced by artful photography created by professional photographers who know how a picture communicates with the viewers. 2018 can witness the growth of artful photography in website design in Singapore.

  • Animated Retro
  • Retro is gonna be a major trend in 2018. Animation has constructed its own path in graphic designs. A touch of retro in the animation will provide depth to the subtle movements or flat illustration.

  • Use Of Colourful Light and Colour Font
  • Colourful lights are used by designers to a create unique design. To give a new look to the photographs in brochures they use a different mix of contrasts, colour fading, and colour shades.

  • Isometric Graphics
  • In static and animated forms isometric graphics are being used in designs. This is an art to turn flat objects into 3-D objects.

  • Hand drawn Elements
  • As a reaction to the overuse of technology, handwritten letters, and hand-drawn images had become popular.

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