How Having An App For Booking Hotels Can Help Your Hotel Business?

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The hotel business industry is a fairly competitive industry. Hoteliers across the globe are fighting the odds to stay in control of their business. Most of the hotel bookings come through online OTA’s. Hotel businesses are at the mercy of these OTAs who charge an absurd amount of commission. This OTA commission directly cuts into your profit. We will share you how hotels can use mobile apps to boost their profits.

App For Booking Hotels

1. It is all about the convenience

Before online hotel booking and OTAs came into existence, people literally had to go out there and roam around in unfamiliar turf in search of hotels to stay. Cab drivers were your pseudo booking agents. Guests had to stand in queues, fill in forms, submit verification and make payments over the counter. Then came in the OTAs which eliminated all these troubles. It was all about the convenience. People like to get pampered, they don’t like to wait in lines for booking hotels. Nowadays an average person spends upwards of 2 hours on mobile apps alone. There are several Apps To Find Hotels but people like to connect with real hotels. Nobody likes to get intercepted by third-party ads and offers. A Hotel Room Booking App can help you directly connect with your customers. An app is more convenient than an online booking portal as it offers services on the go.

2. Helps in Creating a loyal customer base

Through your own Hotel Booking App, you can directly interact with your customers. Smartphones are more personal than PCs or laptops, an app can push in direct notifications for every update you make. Customers also benefit a lot from apps as they provide easy access to the main services of the hotel. Your guests could book a meal right from their phone. Through an app, can stay in touch with their customer for a longer period of time. Hotel apps could help you notify your customers of new offers at your hotel if they are in town. Special offers and promotions reach faster through Online Room Booking App.

3. Helps in improving customer satisfaction

Ios or an Android App for Hotel Booking can do much more than simple bookings.

Guest would be able to access other value-added services like

  • Meal bookings and dinner reservations

  • Scheduling room cleaning services

  • Opting for Do Not Disturb mode

  • Online payments through e-wallets

  • Laundry services

  • Taxi booking services

  • Butler services

through the mobile application. This can help both the customers and hoteliers, as they ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Hotel booking apps can also reduce the waiting time for guests. Check-ins and checkouts process can be simplified through mobile apps. Customer satisfaction is a key ingredient for success in the hospitality industry.

4. Helps in knowing your customers better

By using an android or ios mobile application you will be able to gather a lot of data and information about your customer. Modern hospitality industry strives to give a personalized experience for the guests. Hotels would be able to tailor their service for each guest by gaining insights on their likes or dislikes. Apps would be able to notify hotels if a previous guest is in town. Apps can also list out the feedbacks from guests who stayed at the hotel.

5. Beat your competition

Mobile apps can help you beat your competition. Let say you are a Hotel in Singapore, there too little to differentiate you from the competition. By having an Android or iOS App For Booking Hotel in Singapore you will clearly outrank your competition. Mobile apps made by hotels are still pretty rare in Singapore. Only a quarter of hotels in Singapore has a mobile app. It is better not to be late to the party. You will definitely have a competitive advantage over your competition.

6. Higher rate of customer retention

By using your own hotel app you can achieve a higher rate of customer retention. The bond between you and your customers gets stronger as you are connected through an app. App notifications reach faster than emails. You can easily resolve issues and attract previous customers by sending out offers and special packages as app notifications.

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