9 Facts That Help To Comply With Rules Of Law Firm Marketing In Singapore

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Yes, it is true that the marketing of lawyers/law firm has several limitations in Singapore, rather we may say across the globe. You might have seen many marketing companies staying away from law firm marketing in Singapore. Interestingly, If you look closer, there is a significant shift to that trend in the recent past. But if you don’t handle your marketing campaigns within the rules & regulations, sure you will end up being a client of yourself. Another aspect being getting too much passive in marketing strategies to comply with rules won’t do well no matter what kind of marketing you do.

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It should be something that could blend in within the regulations and equally efficient to reach out to the people who are in the requirement of the service. It should speak for you without breaching the publicity rules of lawyers in Singapore. It should increase the visibility of your law firm without crossing the limits of codes.


And further, I am not talking about the technical aspects of online marketing in Singapore. I am talking about the foundations that help to set up the strategies that can comply with the publicity regulations of the law firm in Singapore. From what the law states in general and all the way to acting within the rules. There are several basics we need to learn and correct.


And if you get them wrong, it’s going to be much harder time waiting for you because of the lack of audience for your campaign (and, more importantly, the law council is watching you).


And if you are interested to know more about the technical aspect, please comment below so that I can come up with another post.


So, here are some facts you should realize even before thinking of doing marketing for your law firm in Singapore


 # 1 Learn the Rules, So that you don’t need to check it at halfway


Who? Where? & What ?.


So the first question will be who all are required to follow the rules and the answer is pretty straight forward.


  • Every advocates and solicitor
  • Sole-proprietorship of advocates and solicitors
  • A partnership of 2 or more advocates and solicitors
  • Any other form of a legal entity by which advocates and solicitors are permitted by law to practice.


Now the question is what does the law state in general?


  • Every firm should ensure that marketing anything relating to its practice complies with the rules.
  • The firm should be aware of any impropriety in marketing their firm and it is responsible to do the rectification, withdrawal, and prevent its recurrence.
  • If the law council finds any contrary to rules in your firm’s marketing, then Council can initiate an inquiry into the matter and order to alter, withdraw, remove or discontinue the marketing campaign.
  • The responsibility a firm under this rule shall not be capable of being delegated to any other person.
  • At last, no firm is allowed to make use of the law itself in their marketing.


Finally, where is it applicable?


Yes, you guessed it right. Legal firm publicity rules of Singapore is applicable to the entire island nation, nowhere else! Oh, no… We have an exception here because the internet is not limited to continental boundaries. So generally it is applicable for online marketing also as it targets the group of people using this medium.


 # 2 Identify the Don’ts, a bit of salt before sugar gives a different taste.


Claiming without proper justification can be lethal. If you claim to be an experienced law firm in Singapore and not have the necessary proof to justify, then it is an example of claiming which you can’t justify. Apart from experience other categories that may be considered as claiming are as follows


  • Experience, the one that matters the most.
  • Duration of the firm involved in practice.
  • Levels of success achieved, not the success rate.
  • The complexity of law and practice over the course of practice.
  • The significance of the matters involved during the practice.
  • Assessment by clients.
  • Anything that law council may find irrelevant for your firm.


Respect others privacy so do yours. You are not allowed to disclose directly or indirectly any details of your case that you have won or lost as it involves the privacy of your clients.


You may have a good success rate but the law didn’t allow you to market it directly or to compare it with any other law practitioner in Singapore. In reality, the law respects you both.


You are not allowed to mention or include your pricing, fee discount or any promotions in your marketing campaigns. This is a profession and the law doesn’t want to make it any kind of market place.


Don’t act against the armorial bearings of Judiciary. For any country, such things should be considered as criminal activity or more severe one.


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Strictly no touting, I believe that it explains itself!


No activities are allowed that can negatively affect the goodwill of the legal profession, So respect your profession.


Don’t mention anything or any statement that could mislead the public. Don’t spam when you fight against them.


Free consultation can’t be the one reason that can be used for marketing your law firm. Better keep free consultation as a service, not a marketing your law firmtool for marketing


Even if you or your law firm in Singapore‘s publicity comes along with the other third-party marketing. Still, you are not allowed to market law firm’s details.


# 3 Identify the Dos, bit of water after the thirst!


Claim anything you can justify. If we extend the first point in the above category, then it says, you can claim it as long as you can prove it. For example, if you are specialized as a divorce lawyer in Singapore. Then you can claim it as long as your profile speaks for yourself.


Donations or sponsorship for the good cause by the law firm in Singapore can be publicly acknowledged by the recipient. But the details which could be marketed still have the restrictions under certain circumstances.


This doesn’t make the complete set of rules or directions for the marketing law firm in Singapore. But these are the basic facts that a good digital marketing company in Singapore should be aware of while handling law firm marketing in Singapore.


# 4 Identify digital platforms for advertising and its possibilities.


As long as you follow the rules, The platforms mentioned below will help you to achieve a good level of visibility among your potential clients for your law firm in Singapore.


A website, that could be part of your brand’s identity. You can assure the customer a nice experience while they get to know more about your firm. Also, you can mention there what is claimable under your pocket. A web development company in Singapore can definitely help you to get a customer friendly website for you.


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A good website alone won’t bring you the targeted amount of potential customers. For the most part that happens when you reach to them when they really need your service.


One scenario being your website comes in Google’s 1st page when they search for the best law firm in Singapore or a top law firm in Singapore. A good SEO company in Singapore can help you to achieve this goal with its law firm SEO service in Singapore.


Interact with the public regarding the trending news and stay close to people’s mind. So that they can remember your firm when they really need a law firm service in Singapore. The ideal way is to become active across all social media. It increases your visibility among the potential customers and makes sure they listen to you on a day-to-day basis. You can always approach the best social media marketer in Singapore for this to be done.


Get listed in local directories along with others. So that it will be more convenient for your potential clients to reach out to you while they search for now of your kind. Listing under genuine directories can often help you to build trust among your clients. Yelp is one of that kind in Singapore. Directory listing is one of the sub-service that comes as part of your package even if you are doing an SEO service for small business in Singapore.


What if a client search for one of the following

  • Contract law in Singapore
  • Corporate law in Singapore
  • Labour law in Singapore


And find your ad on top of the search engine? Definitely, there is a high possibility that they will click on it in curiosity to learn more about it and finally end up as your client. Adsense aka google ads is something I would recommend you to seek help from one of the best google ads company in Singapore. If you do it wrong, its gonna eat-up all your credit.


Writing blogs not only gets you the attention amount others but also drive you traffic that you need. Provide the information that could help them, so that they can come back to you when they need further information on that particular topic, an example is the one you are reading now. As I mentioned earlier, blog writing also comes as part of the service provided by any SEO company in Singapore.


Finlay comes to reputation management. If you could give the best service to your client then I am sure they will be willing to leave a good testimonial for you. And if you let them down they will also complain about you. So to acknowledge positive feedbacks and again negotiate and settle the negative feedback is very important in this online era as the reputation of the firm is easily available in a couple of clicks. One example being the google rating. This is why some legend said customers are the king.


# 5 Create strategies as per the rules


When we speak about the strategies, we can adopt a direct or indirect marketing strategy.


As you can see direct marketing strategies often interfere with the rules and regulations. So what you could adopt are indirect marketing strategies that could increase your firm’s visibility among your potential clients.

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If you closely observe what I had mentioned in the previous section, then you can understand that we are getting enough visibility and your firm stays compliant with the law in all your marketing activities. Again you can find that we didn’t depend on any traditional methods that include the printing and delivery of flyer which is otherwise limited by the regulations.


# 6 Create strategies as per the specialization


If you believe you have enough to claim about your specialization, then make use of it to its full potential. I repeat, only if you have enough proof to claim the fact. I know it is a bit awkward to speak of this particular example, but I feel it is necessary too. So, as an example, think of a law firm specialized in divorce cases. The marketing strategy cannot ask families to come and get divorced. But you can claim as an expert in settling family disputes under your profile, no offense in that as long as you have the proof for that. Now you can forget about the above example and concentrate more on our main topic.


So choosing the right methods for each strategy remains the significant part in setting up the campaign. Doing that within the regulation gives the best challenge for the firm.


# 7 Create event-based campaigns.


Any public event for the good cause you can organize or you are part of can be shared through your firm’s channel or social media profile. Only concern is that the receiver(s) must publicly acknowledge the event like the donation given to charity publicly. Or the event should be public in nature like the seminar or public talk.


# 8 Review the campaigns


As the law states, it is the law firm who should watch the campaign and the responsible entity for whatever activities the campaign does. So even if the marketing is done by the best digital marketing company in Singapore, you should still check the process and give prompt advice to stay compliant with the law.


# 9 Always follow the rules


I know we have enough said about this, but before concluding I want to keep a reminder about this. Over the years I have seen, even an established marketing company(s) tend to forget about the regulation once they go overconfident about their strategies.


Whatever the strategies, make sure it is the safest and not just safe or safer.




It is challenging but definitely not an impossible task to do marketing for law firms in Singapore. Either yourself or a digital marketing company in Singapore can do the marketing as long as you are aware of the regulations. Let us keep it like the legendary saying, knowledge is the strength. The knowledge about the rules related to the law firm and the in-depth knowledge about the marketing platform and the strategies makes the process more efficient. Personally, I would recommend you to consult with one of the best digital marketing companies who could do the cost-effective marketing campaigning in Singapore.


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I believe this article helps you to get an idea about the law firm marketing, its rules and regulations, the challenges, the solutions and the possible strategies in marketing a law firm in Singapore.


Do you still have further concerns?, Kindly let us know. We offer free SEO consultation and free competitor analysis for every request.


Also if you want to know about the technical details about digital marketing for the law firm, let us know in the following comment box. I will try to come up with a new post.

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