8 Basic Advantages you should know about Odoo ERP Solutions

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It is open fact that business is the lifeline of this competitive world. Business is something that developed, progressed and innovated with human civilization. Over the period of time and with the progress of small trade business, it was difficult for an average small trader to keep up his account session just in his memory. That made way to invent accounting rules and regulations which was way more reliable than the mental calculation. However, with the human mistakes and fraudulent practices, it was important to have an accurate and secure resource planning system in place for the small and big traders and businessmen. That made way to invent the Enterprise Resource Planning solutions for different kind of businesses. Now ERP applications are must need for any organization to analyze, maintain and plan their business.

<>Odoo ERP Solutions

Singapore, being one of the most business-friendly countries in the world is well aware of the current trends of ERP solutions and their offerings. It is a must for even a small company in Singapore to have an ERP solution. While many of the top ERP companies selling their solutions at huge rates, ERP applications like ODOO is providing a free version so that small and average trade and business companies can track their goods at least expense. ODOO is an Open ERP in Singapore which is gaining a lot of attention in the recent times because of its errorless secure platform at free of cost. ATEES provide functional and development support for Odoo ERP solutions in Singapore makes it an affordable package for a business unit.

Odoo is an ERP solution effectively manages different modules of a business unit from a single platform. Odoo uses PostgreSQL at database level and Python at the development level. It provides 2 different versions as follows

  • Enterprise version
  • Odoo enterprise version provides an extended support with advanced features and online support from Odoo support desk. Comparatively big companies prefer this version as it gives more flexibility and convenience feature that saves more time and resource. Odoo rates it at a reasonable rate which even small business unit can consider within their budget. Many service companies like ATEES INFOMEDIA provide ODOO ERP services in Singapore at reasonable rates

  • Community Version ( Open ERP version)
  • Odoo Community version is the open ERP version which includes all the basic functional modules which can support and maintain a small or average business efficiently. Since it is an open ERP, Odoo can be easily downloadable and install it in the business unit. This version can be used by any organization who need only the basic ERP functions. In case they require more core functionalities, they can always switch to enterprise edition by purchasing it at reasonable subscription charges.


Unlike the other famous ERP solutions, Odoo provides all the modules in one package at a feasible cost. There are many unique advantages that Odoo offers us. Here we are listing out those main advantages Odoo offers.

  1. All in One Package
  2. Many of the leading ERP Solutions provide their software pack as per modules, Odoo provides all in one package which makes it a more comprehensive ERP application in ERP field. Unlike other competitors, Odoo provides its software packages at a cheaper cost which is a budget saver for many upcoming organizations. That means an Odoo preferred company only need spend on Odoo specialist consultants for its smooth which can be availed by approaching Odoo ERP consultancy in Singapore. ATEES, one of the leading ERP Consultancy in Singapore can help upcoming companies with Odoo support at reasonable rates.

  3. Ease of Access
  4. One of the main features of Odoo ERP is its simplicity. Although it looks a bit minimalistic from outside, users find it super easy to use and even a beginner can just sign in and learn how it works. This saves a lot of time of an organization as they don’t have to spend time and money on coaching its employees an Odoo specific knowledge. All a company needs a trustworthy Odoo ERP consultancy in Singapore with expertise knowledge in Odoo ERP.

  5. System Performance
  6. All users need a fast and reliable ERP solution which ensure a timely task completion. Odoo offers a speedy user interface which completes the tasks at the very good pace even in normal hardware configurations. This advantage considered to be one of the best quality that Odoo offers. Such fast performance in average configuration provides Odoo a much-needed attention at the business level. Hence, when you are doing ERP implementation in Singapore don’t forget to consider Odoo as your ERP solution

  7. Module Development options
  8. Unlike other competitors, Odoo provides a large variety of modules which be developed or implemented in Odoo system with the help of Functional and development consultants. While other ERP solutions are concentrating on limited modules, lead generation and online support, Odoo provide user to develop their own modules as per the need. This gives the much needed flexible option to Odoo users without sparing the basics of the functionality. Having a customizable ERP application is the much more preferred option than the less flexible ERP solution. It always better to hire an Odoo developer for implementing or developing your preferred module as per the company requirement. You can approach ERP development company in Singapore like ATEES for the Odoo development project. Or if you are interested you can also Odoo development from any Education Institute ERP in Singapore.

  9. Flexibility
  10. One of the prime quality and specialty Odoo offers in its flexibility. Odoo can be used with its basic Version and more modules can add or develop as per the business requirement. This option provides Odoo user to customize their Odoo application and automate most of the repetitive work. With its brilliant configuration of fast performance even in average setting offers the user a satisfying experience while using the Odoo application. The combination of Flexibility and speed increase the performance to another level which can produce high-profit margin. To gain such achievement, hire an Odoo developer for developing your new modules and customizing your Odoo application from any ERP software development in Singapore.

  11. Economic in Nature
  12. The best-known feature of Odoo is its budget-friendly nature. Odoo is considered to be the cheapest ERP solutions in the market, yet it provides the best features which top ERP solutions not able to provide within a good budget. Odoo software and license can be purchased for free and some amount of money can be used for customization which is far less than the competitor charge for one module. Although it is a free software, Odoo development is still going on and regular updates can be done just like any other leading ERP solution providers.

  13. Simple Integration
  14. Odoo is easy in nature while implementing it in the system. Although Odoo is providing all the modules unlike its competitor selling the software per module, It still easy and simple while integrating to the system without compromising the advantages that Odoo provides. Odoo constantly improved their support and bugs to make it better and better by each update. This makes the process of Integration much simple and an ERP development in Singapore can help you to implement the same with much ease and at an affordable price.

  15. User Experience
  16. With its simplified user interface, fast task completion and easy to access nature, Odoo offers its user a hassle-free experience while using Odoo applications. Although Odoo is an open ERP, It does not compromise on the quality that it provides and still they improving each and every function with each update. That makes user experience to another level.

Odoo is an emerging ERP which consists of many quality features which are difficult to access from leading ERP providers within a price range. Since Odoo proofs to be effective as well as very much cheaper, chances of gaining its popularity in countries like Singapore is much possible. If you have to make up your mind to switch into Odoo, ATEES PTE LTD one of the leading IT Company ERP in Singapore can help you with Odoo ERP.


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